It’s not all gold: Bits, Subs & Tips at Twitch

Pre-amble: A quick breakdown on what the streamer earns (if any) within the Twitch environment. First, there is a difference between affiliates and partners. Also, not all partners are equal, nor are the affiliates. Note: You may also voluntarly choose not to become affiliate or partner at all, eg. because direct tips shave off much […]

Showing up next: Thoughts about this blog

Starting from today, this blog is also going to be used for posting and announcing stuff about my music shows, ie. Black’N’Deather, my main show for over 10 years, and Rumbustion, the secondary one, but which is also around for 8 years by now. The thing is: I dont want to use completely separate sites […]

Rumbustion all anew

As it happens, I recently had a new chance in doing THAT show. Ie. Rumbustion, which originally started out of the wish, the need for playing different genres than just Extreme Metal and Punk-related stuff; nowadays, its mostly electronic music, and at that, primarly the not so dance chart shitty stuff, ie. EBM, Industrial, Powernoise, […]

Stout Programming

For those slightly uninterested in all things of Programming .. there is this one other passion I sacrifice myself for: Musik! And then there was The Show! Black’N’Deather – very much Black, some Death. Metal, of corpse. Now, this lovely show has been around for over 9 years. You might want to tune in live […]