New show: Code of Dark Joy

Tomorrow, ie. Thursday, 18th of March, 2021, I gonna start the first test run of my new show called Code of Dark Joy, which is specifically aimed towards live coding. It’s still gonna contain the element of music, as a lot of it focused on the topics of building up your OBS interface and its […]

Side note: Strange cryptic characters in shortcodes

Note: Also available in German 🙂 A colleague of mine today: There is a shortcode with strange-looking, cryptic characters in one of its attributes. Something like this: eyJoYWxsbyI6IndlbHQiLCJzb25nLXRpdGVsIjp7Im1laW4iOiJnZWhpcm4iLCJkZWluIjoiZ2VoaXJuIn0sInVybCI6Imh0dHBzJTNBJTJGJTJGdXNhYmlsaXR5LWlkZWFsaXN0Lm5ldCUyRiUyM2tvbnRha3QiLCJlaW5zX3BsdXMiOnRydWV9 My comment: Looks a bit like rot13 .. His reply a bit later on: Yes, it is base64, and the result is a JSON string. Putting the […]

Slashing back ..

This is a little test .. lets see: Quoting from somewhere else: (unter Windows, bitte „/“ durch Backslash ersetzen – WordPress kann das offenbar nicht darstellen Translates roughly to “under Windows, please replace “/” with the back slash – WordPress is apparently not able to display it”. Well, lets see about that: Hello, Back Slash! […]

The Devil Among Us

A new site, a new host, a new beginning .. and even back to blogging with .. uhm .. WordPress. Well, it’s ClassicPress underneath, but essentially its WordPress. Plus some fancy plugins, including the lovely unsplash plugin, for all those lovely images. SOME of them are of my own creation though. And then there is […]