i18n changes to the site

So I finally decided to disable Bogo, which has been a shoddy solution from the very start. But now its a shoddy solution only supporting the other shoddy, WP-6-only solution, ie. Gutenborg. Tried a few workarounds, but in the end, its wasted time and efforts to get this shoddy piece really working.

Hence I’m probablly going the dirty’n’hard way, as in: its not quick, but its gonna work somehow: Use meta fields to assign language, add fancy stuff to the theme to indicate the language of the current post or page, connect posts and pages using meta fields, and so on. Maybe also add a simple translation / i18n shortcode for quick inline sections, and a simplified language switcher to the sidebar / navigation.

Maybe release a simple tutorial + micro plugin, too. All to be seen in the nearby future.

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