The Devil Inside

The name “WP Devil” is a word play on “WP Devel(oper)”. I kinda despise descriptions and names like “WordPress Guru”, “WordPress Evangelist” etc. Yes, I am a Web Developer with 14+17+ years of intense close-quarter fighting experience with WordPress, but still I do not consider myself a “guru” or something other cultish .. Thus I had to come up with a proper name .. hence WP Devil 🙂

About me myself and I

I am Fabian Wolf, hailing from nearby Aachen, the most western located metropolis in Germany.
As already mentioned, I am a Web Developer, with 20+ years of professional development and design experience. Also, I am a web designer – nowadays called Frontend Designer, because people just do not grok the hybrid discipline called “Webdesign” anymore. Look up the complete definition at Brad Frosts weblog 🙂

Image of Fabian Wolf (ca. 08/2018)

Among other things I am a ClassicPress contributor (and member of the founding comittee), enjoy cooking (slow food FTW!), music (also doing my own webradio show for quite some time), reading books, being a ThinkPad and Linux fanboy (pref. Debian-based or related distributions), photography, reading build threads and watching strange shows about tinkering around with cars ..

ps: Yes, I am for hire 🙂