Slashing back ..

This is a little test .. lets see:
Quoting from somewhere else:

(unter Windows, bitte „/“ durch Backslash ersetzen – WordPress kann das offenbar nicht darstellen

Translates roughly to “under Windows, please replace “/” with the back slash – WordPress is apparently not able to display it”.

Well, lets see about that: Hello, Back Slash!

  1. \ – one lil back slash
  2. \\ – two lil back slashes (or one escaped lil back slash)
  3. “\” – a lil back slash in quotes ..

Addendum: After adding and switching over to the german version of this post, Backslash #1 and #3 were gone, and #2 was had turned into a single one. The cause is probably some input sanitization, either when the content of the post editor form is being transfered to server (eg. sanitize_text_field) or before the data is saved in the database.

Addendum #2: Fitting music for the lil back slashes.

Addendum #3: Nice typo in the initial post: “Black Slash” – wouldn’t that be a fitting name for a BDSM Queer superhero? 😀

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