Rumbustion all anew

As it happens, I recently had a new chance in doing THAT show. Ie. Rumbustion, which originally started out of the wish, the need for playing different genres than just Extreme Metal and Punk-related stuff; nowadays, its mostly electronic music, and at that, primarly the not so dance chart shitty stuff, ie. EBM, Industrial, Powernoise, Electro, Hellectro, Aggrotech and the likes 🙂

Now to point out: There is this lovely recording of the live show (at Mixcloud) I did about a week ago. Oh, and BTW: ALL MY webradio shows ARE LIVE SHOWS. I do no pre-recorded shit, nor am I into podcasts. Most of it also comes together on-the-fly – just a few selected tracks, or sometimes just bands, are the main idea, around which each show is evolving.

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