GTK Youtube Viewer: Using totem instead of the default players

As a matter of fact, totem aka the GStreamer framework, happens to support playing videos from Youtube directly, as well as offering a slightly cranky search dialogue.
Out of no reason VLC doesnt want to work together with GTK Youtube Viewer, mplayer is a major resource hog and SMplayer doesnt let me skip / seek back and forward in videos (just stops with an error message when I try to do so) .. so I decided to give good ole totem aka “the Gnome Video Player” a try.

My setup: MX Linux 18, GTK Youtube Viewer 3.5.4, Totem 3.22.1 + plugins (totem totem-common totem-plugins)

Following is the part pf the video player configuration including the additional part required to get totem working:

video_player_selected => "totem",
video_players => {
mplayer => {
arg => "-prefer-ipv4 -really-quiet -title *TITLE*",
audio => "-audiofile *AUDIO*",
cmd => "/usr/bin/mplayer",
fs => "-fs",
srt => "-sub *SUB*",
mpv => {
arg => "–really-quiet –title *TITLE* –no-ytdl",
audio => "–audio-file *AUDIO*",
cmd => "mpv",
fs => "–fullscreen",
srt => "–sub-file *SUB*",
smplayer => {
arg => "-close-at-end -media-title *TITLE* *URL*",
cmd => "smplayer",
fs => "-fullscreen",
srt => "-sub *SUB*",
totem => {
arg => "*URL*",
audio => "",
cmd => "totem",
fs => "–fullscreen",
srt => ""
vlc => {
arg => "–quiet –play-and-exit –no-video-title-show –input-title-format *TITLE*",
audio => "–input-slave *AUDIO*",
cmd => "vlc",
fs => "–fullscreen",
srt => "–sub-file *SUB*",

So essentially, its down to:

“*URL*” – no additional parameters are available, or at least none that I know of
“totem” – regular call (could also be /usr/bin/totem, but here on MX Linux, its available within the PATH, so no need for that
–fullscreen – parameter is identical to allmost all listed players
“” – left empty, because there is no such parameter (for playing subtitles).
Left out, too.

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