Linux & Notebooks: How to disable the touchpad

This is just a small reminder to myself – and others, who might run into the same issue. There are many solutions on how to permanently or even semi-permanently disable the touchpad, when eg. just using the trackpad on a ThinkPad, or more common: When having plugged in a mouse.

Image: Touchpad Indicator in the XFCE panel tray bar

There is this lovely program called Touchpad Indicator. Available per default in a lot of distributions, including Debian, MX Linux and Ubuntu. It enables you to adjust the circumstances, under which you want the touchpad disabled or enabled, eg. if the program is started, or when a mouse is being connected.

Also, it offers a few further configuration options for the touchpad itself, very much similar to on how they’d be available under Windows. Alas, I’ve never been really using them; still, they look nice 😀

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