Rumbustion: Birthday Drunk

Recording of the Rumbustion special edition of September 17th, 2020, celebrating my 40th Birthday ­čÖé
Includes all glitches, mixing mistakes and garbagy tracks that I had to fade over into working ones.


Laibach – Resistance Is Futile
PALAIS IDEAL – Catharsis
BLITZMASCHINE – Uncontrollable (SPARK! Remix)
Raubtier – Dobermann
Garda – Knives
The Darts – My Way
Amduscia – Creepy Life
Centhron – Roter Stern
Nachtmahr – I Hate Berlin (feat. Frl. Plastique)
Panther Modern – Ask Yourself
J├Ąger 90 – Ich Komm Zu Dir
Hierophon feat Invasion Of Female Logic – Es Ist Genug
A.D.A.C. 8286 – We Are The Boys From The Factory (Spark Remix)
SadoSato – Scheissnormal (sturm cafe-cover)
Blitzmaschine – C.E.O.
KREIGN – Lost Purpose
Not So Ebb – Stay Inside Your Home
SadoSato – Tanz Ponym├Ądchen, Tanz!
E-Craft – Schmerzpervers
SadoSato – Piefkem├Ądchen (EBM Elite Graz, Girlie-Pogo-Version)
Centhron – Zombie Nazi Babe
Agonoize – Bis das Blut gefriert – Die Braut Remix
Nachtmahr – Tanzdiktator (REVOLUTION BY NIGHT Remix)
C-Lekktor – Hellektro Convulsion Therapy
DULCE LIQUIDO – Humid Dreams
C-Lekktor – Hellraiser
Atari Teenage Riot – Reset
Extize – Red Water (Rusted Land Edit)
Phosgore – Red Red Krovvy (X-Rx Remix)
SHNARPH! – Jede Nacht
Soman – Pan Tau II
SAM – Rorschachtest
Komor Kommando – Triggerfinger (Detroit Diesel Remix)
Panther Modern – Tasting Static
Atari Teenage Riot – Atari Teenage Riot (live From Hell 13)
Aborym – Across The Universe
Eisregen – Elektro Hexe (Live)
Goatfuneral – Why I hate the fruit
Bloodbath – Unite In Pain
Illdisposed – Sunday Black
Vader – Hexenkessel
Master – Out Of Control
Impious – Inner Self (Sepultura-Cover)
Atropin – Final Defiance
Carnivore – Sex And Violence
Hellish Crossfire – Conquerors of Black Souls
Desaster – Ghouls To Strike
The Crown – Arise
Asphyx – Der Landser
Tankard – Slipping From Reality
Tankard – Die With A Beer in Your Hand
Nanowar Of Steel – Barbie, MILF Princess Of The Twilight (feat. Fabio Lione)
Nylithia – Hyperthrash
Prostataler Danzlmusi – Original Prostataler Drecksaumassakra
Die Kassierer – Das Schlimmste ist, wenn das Bier alle ist
Die ├ärzte – Samen im Darm

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