Work in Progress: Aftercare for shows

This just depicts what I do for after I’m done with a show – all of them are being recorded, and when I find time, are being uploaded to Mixcloud.
Each one gets a specific cover, and lately, also a specific title, which is being selected during listening to the recording.

Whenever I write a post about a show, I also add its playlist, an edited version of the cover, that is differently sized to better fit the blog posting format, and of corpse the Mixcloud embed.

Images for covers are usually dug up on Unsplash, or are takin from my local image archive, with all the catchwords that come up in my mind or association chains during listening to the resp. show.

Titles I use may be abstract, very directly related to the overall feeling of the show, or my classic “word play” scheme, ie. excessive association chains with some additional word plays included. The last one is actually the main method for creating titles for various blog posts 🙂

I may choose to add all the usual info, ie. site URLs, live show times, etc. pp., maybe also some rough info of the content of the specific show, but sometimes I dont bother .. to some extent, people just dont seem to care. Thats why I also only post selected playlists. Lately, interest seems to have picked up, so that I even consider to post a few .. very specifically selected .. playlists of shows on Instagram. That means more editing effort and picking a fitting image, that is still gonna go well together weith the shows regular cover image.

And of corpse, after uploading stuff to Mixcloud, creating the official post on here, and so on, there is a sharing orgy happening afterwards, to various “social” media and destinations. For this part, in the nearby future, there are plans to use a professional plugin (for WordPress) instead. As I’m a plugin developer myself, its obviously going to be a plugin I’m building myself, so to speak 😉

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