Showing up next: Thoughts about this blog

Starting from today, this blog is also going to be used for posting and announcing stuff about my music shows, ie. Black’N’Deather, my main show for over 10 years, and Rumbustion, the secondary one, but which is also around for 8 years by now.

The thing is: I dont want to use completely separate sites for each of the shows – because I’d have to take care of all its maintenance, too.
Instead I’m going to utilize everything that ClassicPress (and thus, WordPress) already offers. Amongst others, this includes semi-static pages, and the REST-API, essentially creating a headless CMS “experience”.

Depending on the amount of work, I might also reuse parts of the current theme of WP Devil, to achieve a quicker result, ie. faster availability of the actual sites for both shows, ie. Black’N’Deather, and Rumbustion. As I’m seldom having the chance to do an actual live show for the latter one, I am going to turn this show into a mainly podcast-based one. Thus, there is also plans for crowd-funding both shows, esp. Rumbustion, which may include options like early access or song suggestions / requests. Maybe even an exclusive, members-only live-stream once in a while (which would also take care of possible licensing issues).

Contents of this posts are mainly going to be future event announcements, the recorded shows, and their playlists. But maybe also some interesting bands, and similar music-passion related stuff.

Alas, thats how it is, folks – so be prepared for less-development centric posts in the nearby future, too 🙂

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