No tweets, no game!

Just been searching around for a proper twitter feed widget. One, that does not just pull in the Twitter JS API and expode everyone to it. Or grab the Twitter Widget, which is equally bad (just a different type of JS package). Either its “buy me buy me! maximum mega pro premium edition” (which gots all the bells and whistles, including those features one would expect in a very BASIC plugin; but NOT in the “free” / basic version), the above mentioned “function” or very basic, rudimentary ones ..

.. This a very disappointing, sad state. Numbers and numbers of cruft.

Guess I just gonna roll my own, yeah? 🙂

Update #1 (2019-01-18):

So there is a working prototype. Just needs lots of refinement.
And another UNformatted data return option. Which I’m still working on whenever I’ve some time left to spare 🙂

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