The Devil Among Us

A new site, a new host, a new beginning ..
and even back to blogging with .. uhm .. WordPress. Well, it’s ClassicPress underneath, but essentially its WordPress.

Plus some fancy plugins, including the lovely unsplash plugin, for all those lovely images. SOME of them are of my own creation though.

And then there is this lovely theme – sadly, not being updated anymore, but nonetheless – nothing that cant be changed. Sass to the rescue! Honed skills to the rescue, too!
And lo and behold – this is now Magnus Majoris, an interesting photoblog focused theme 🙂

ps: Categories .. oh my. Haven’t used them for over 8 years – Habari “only” got tags. But that certainly was more than enough!
pps: Future plans are: Testing out the Improved Media Library experimental plugin (still in the works), too.

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