Low profile CPU cooler tests

Currently testing several low-profile CPU coolers, in my newly (re)built OBS streaming system. System specifications as follows: CPU: Intel i5-13500 Mainboard: MSI B760I Edge Wifi DDR4 RAM: 32 GB DDR4 3600 (Corsair Vengeance LPX) Storage: 1 TB NVMe (PCI 4) PSU: Fractal Design Ion SFX 650W Gold (SFX-L) GPU: Asus Phoenix RTX 3050 Case: Shiny […]


“The blueberries are gonna get bad soon – take some if you want!” Partial english translation – if you’re living in the US, there certainly are better ones. THIS one is foer NON-US folks! Ingredients: – ca. 250g Flour – 2 mid-size eggs – 175g creamy peanut butter – ca. 100g Nutella / Milkyway spread […]

WooCommerce: Setting a specific stock number for all products but a selected few?

Client wanted to have inventory management, but the items are all produced on-demand – except for unique specimens, which are either custom-made pieces which have been returned, or have been produced as a side or test run. So, we decided to enable inventory management, and set the stock number for all items in any category […]