“The blueberries are gonna get bad soon – take some if you want!”

Partial english translation – if you’re living in the US, there certainly are better ones. THIS one is foer NON-US folks!


– ca. 250g Flour
– 2 mid-size eggs
– 175g creamy peanut butter
– ca. 100g Nutella / Milkyway spread
– 2 TL cocoa powder
– ca. 100g Magerine
– ca. 200g sugar – besser 175g
– 2 TL table salt
– 1 Msp. cake “spice” (nicht notwendig, aber Gew├╝rze wie Nelken und Zimt heben nochmal den Geschmack)
– 350g Blueberries – or any other type of berry
– 3 TL Sourcherry marmelade (or any other similar, dark type of marmelade; adds some additional depth to the dough)
– 2 TL backing powder
– ca. 150 ml milk or similar liquid
– backing paper (alternative option: grease / oil the baking pan)

Planned for a box type of 30 x 20 cm; amount produces about a 4 – 5 cm high cake. Other option: Circular, low cake pan with a diameter of 26 cm and 4 cm tall border.


– mix dry ingredients
– add peanutbutter and nutella / milkyway spread and mix it well using a fork
– add and mix in Magerine
– crack eggs and mix them in
– kneed / mix the dough thoroughly for a few minutes
– add and heap under the marmelade
– measure the right amount of milk / liquid, then add it slowly while mixing the dough further (eg. with said fork or a spoon)
– the consistence should be similar to a cream (pudding), ie. not too runny
– if too runny, try adding some flour and thoroughly mix it into the dough
– slowly add / fold in air for 1 – 2 minutes, to improve the fluffiness
– after having prepared the cake pan before-hand (by either adding the baking paper OR greasing it properly), pour in about half to 3/5th of the dough
– now add the (washed and cleaned) berries
– finally, add the rest of the dough on top and smooth it out

Baking process:

– preheat the stove to 200 C lower / upper heat; destination temperature: 180 C
– middle of the stove (or lower third, just not in the upper third!)
– bake it for about 40 minutes
– if needed, add up to 10 minutes to the baking process (depending on the stve; I’ve accidently left it in there for 58 minutes, but apparently didnt do any damage)

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