Decisions, decisions ..

So I’ve pondered long and hard, and already for a few months, but .. there is a change in pace and streaming times:

Until further notice my goal is to do Extra Edition EACH Friday, 22 – 01: CET / 4 – 7 pm EST (or longer).
And Black’N’Deather is gonna go on a semi-bi-weekly, cause I’m not always willing to do a show when a) everybody is happily enjoying themselves elsewhere and b) I have to waste my precious ONE FREE DAY per week for that.

Also, two other shows are in preparation, which I want to do at least once per month 🙂
The first obe being a variation of the “Listening Session” format that’s been becoming more popular on Twitch recently, so: Listening to a full album, talk about it, maybe do a small accompanying DJ set.

In my case, thats gonna be the “Cooking Session” – I cook, you watch, and listen to a whole album. A bit of talk. Possibly accompanied by a small DJ set.

The working title of the second show is called “A Story and a song”, which is going to feature a book presentation, cause yes, I’ve been an avid reader since the tender age of 7, and will be accompanied EITHER by a befitting album OR a DJ set 🙂

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