Black’N’Deather 2021-07-04: Somewhere, anywhere

Recording of the live show of July 4th, 2021, is up at Mixcloud.

In a dreamy-like state, the foggy mourning, a speck of melancholy. When the sun rises, and the fog flows across the trees, and all is silent, but a distant, lonely croak of a raven ..


Himinbjorg - The Sword of Dignity
Vreid - Wolves at Sea
Vedmin Krug - Солнцеворот (Summer Solstice)
Dark Fortress - Pazuzu
Black Altar - Ancient Warlust
Hallig - To Walk with Giants
Aversio Humanitatis - The Presence in the Mist
Caedes Cruenta - Into The Ashes Of The Unforgotten Woods (L'inferno)
Sarkrista - A Whisper from Forgotten Coffins
Nocte Obducta - Und Pan spielt die Flöte (Desîhras Tagebuch - Kapitel II)
Frigoris - Aus der Asche
Sanctuaire - Chasse Sauvage
Wyrd - Natures Book Drawn in Blood
Wintarnaht - In Erd und ew'ger Nacht
Isgalder - The Red Wanderer
Falkenbach - Vaer Stjernar Vaerdan
Celtachor - The Landing of Amergin
Kawir - Medea
Forefather - Strongbow's Death
King Of Asgard - The Last Journey
Tenebra Arcana - Senza alcun dio
Silberbach - Witness (Hope)
Lascar - Novelization
Frigoris - Lichtträger
Bethlehem - Verderbnisheilung in sterbend' Mahr
Sarkrista - Destroyer of the Sun
Old Graves - To Die Or Bear The Burden Of Death
Imperium Dekadenz - Still I Rise
Grav Morbus - Leia Mind, Rahu

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