Extra Edition – Battle Of The Decades: War Of The Worlds

Playlist of the recording of the raid train Extra Edition: Battle Of The Decades: War Of The Worlds on February 24th, 2022.

Recording is up on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/ginsterbusch/extra-edition-battle-of-the-decades-war-of-the-worlds-2022-02-24/


Komor Kommando - The Factory Incident (Drone Mix by Tyler Drone)
Soman - Innocence v. 2
Phosgore - Fuck You
Extize - Boyz Love Girlz (Fucked by X-RX)
Noisuf-X - Hans Dampf
Centhron - Cyberlady
Straftanz - Finale Vollendung
FabrikC - Der zweite Tod
Stainless.4571 - Prepare to die
1979 - Industrial Rhythm (Live at Sixtina 2003)
Xotox - Wirbeltier
Störsender - Seitensprung
Soman - Black Batch
100Blumen - Beat That Nazi Maggot
Exemia - Darkerworld
Neuwerk - Instructions From Walhalla
Mono-Anime - Esoteric Freak
D9 Bulldozer - Katzen (dub-ext-mix)

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