Reorientation 2022

(translated from the original German post)

After a few job applications, done more out of the spur of the moment than actually planned, and the tremendiously overwhelming feedback, I’ve decided to re-orientate myself now, somewhat, in mid 2022.

That means, that the conversations during interviews have shown me, amongst other things, that if I want to preserve my freelance work for the nearby future, I need to define and position, what I do, more detailed and clearly, than I have done until now.

For one, there is my professional direction: Continuing on as Web Developer / Frontend Designer, which I sometimes also call the counterpart to the DevOp, maybe something like »DevDes«. The emphasis has, mainly job-based, shifted more towards development, so
that the current weight distribution is ca. 60% Web Development and 40% Webdesign & Usability

Next, there is, what I actually execute as services:
– (classic) Website development, ie. concept creation, design and realization
– Individual programming (integration, API connects) and plugin development (WordPress, ClassicPress)
– Web Performance (Loading times, Responsive) as well as Usability / Accessibility optimization
– Shop systems and e-commerce solutions
– Technical consulting
– Project rescue / salvage (eg. if the original contractor is gone), plus: emergency projects (eg. getting hacked websites back on track, upgrading horribly outdated and non-maintained WordPress installations etc.)
– Administration and maintenance (Updates, incl. pre/staging, to avoid outages)

The next step is: How to put all of this together, without looking like a vendors tray (Bauchladen).

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